Friday, 2 May 2014

At Home Pottery.


         As you all probably know from THIS POST, I did some pottery last week. I’ve dabbled in pottery since I was about 10, and it is definitely one of my favourite artsy things to do. I find it extremely therapeutic- there is something about playing with a ball of clay and being able to produce a masterpiece(or in my case something that vaguely resembles a bowl) that is very relaxing.
        Last week my friend, her sister and I decided to put our creative hats on and do some at home pottery. PS: we got our inspiration from THIS lovely post. After an interesting trip to an art/haberdashery store (we spent a good twenty minutes getting excited over how pretty yet cheap lace is), we headed on back home to get started. Now this is an at home type of project because we used air dry clay (but be warned, it takes a good 24 hours to dry, so do not think it will dry in time to take to your friend's birthday party that same night like we did!!).

For this glamorous DIY, you will need:

* Clay( the air dry type or the oven bake type)
* Strips of lace
*Rolling pins
*Bowls of different sizes 

        Honestly, finding all the bits and bobs is the hardest part, once you have everything it's pretty straightforward. Just roll out your clay depending on how big you want your bowl (I forgot to mention earlier that we were making bowls). 

Use the bowl as a template to cut out a circle.

 Next  place your lace strips on your clay, and using the rolling pin, press the lace into the clay to create an imprint and then pull back the lace. 

  Take your pretty circle of clay and place it in a bowl to let it set-the bowl acts as a mould so that the clay bowl has a rounded bottom.

         Let it dry in the bowl for 24 hours and TADA, you are left with a beautiful bowl-or many in our case!

        With the leftover clay, we fashioned a man. Meet Elvis. Elvis enjoys romantic dinners, long walks along 
the beach and wearing snapbacks.

      Till next time...

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