Monday, 6 October 2014


    Slowly, but surely, I can see Melbourne transforming itself, waking up from it's winter cocoon and bursting into spring. The days are longer (yay for day light saving), it's starting to smell like summer, the trees are full of leaves, the flowers are in full bloom and summer is just around the corner. Spring is definitely my favourite season and it instantly makes me feel happier.

things I love about Spring
cherry blossoms
pastel clothing
longer days
SUNSHINE and the resultant warmer weather
no more winter coats
bright flowers
trees full of leaves
waking up and it being bright outside
the gentle breeze that is neither too hot nor too cold
perfect weather for evening strolls
napping in the sun
ice cream weather
the smell of magnolias
baby ducks in the park

What's your favourite season? What do you love about it?
Till next time...

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