Friday, 6 December 2013

'Tea' lights

          The other day, I bought some very beautiful tea cups from a market. I love them because I love floral patterns and feet of the cups were very eccentric! Initially, I was considering using them as jewellery stands but they were too pretty to hide away in my room. Instead, I decided to use them as tea light stands.
         I decided to fill up the cup with some dry pasta (bow pasta would look really gorgeous inside the delicate cups) and placed the tea light on top. It's very simple and barely took any time to make, but it looked amazing.

    You could definitely experiment with the types of fillers you put in the cups- coloured stones, beads, sand, coffee beans, pretty much anything as long as its not flammable). After realising that I didn't have enough pasta to fill three whole cups, I played around with the placement of the cup and the saucer. The variations all looked great and you could easily change it up each week-the possibilities are endless!

Excuse my finger ;)
        Old tea cups are inexpensive and can be found in abundance at op shops, garage sales and markets! However, they make elegant centrepieces and can vamp up any bare table!

Till next time......

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