Monday, 2 December 2013

The Arts Student Mojito

            I'm an Arts student and one thing i've learnt over the past one and a half years of University is that Arts students LOVE cheap things, even more if its free! Whoever said that the best things in life are free was right- a free veggie burger and cider (something that isn't too hard to find at lunchtime on campus) on a Thursday afternoon is way more satisfying than a 5 course meal at a fancy restaurant..well at least in my opinion! Anyways, back to the point. The other night, I had the urge for a refreshing mojito. Lacking a few key ingredients- lime and soda water, I was forced to improvise and thus the Arts Student Mojito was created!!!

Ingredients per glass:

 Mint leaves ( I had about four leaves in each glass, but you can add as much as you want depending on how minty you want it)

 4 Lemon pieces

 5 cubes of ice ( or add as much as you want, I didn't have enough ice when I made it to fill the glass)

 40 mL of White Rum*

 Enough tonic water to fill your glass

Now for the secret ingredient...

  15 mL of Lime cordial- a traditional mojito includes sugar syrup and fresh limes, however limes can be pretty expensive, so this was a cheaper option (once again add as much or as little cordial as you like depending on how sweet you want it!) 

Method/Directions/ the order in which I added the ingredients (feel free to add them in any order, I'm sure it will still taste great):

Throw in the lemon pieces and mint leaves into a glass and with a muddler, crush the two to release the juices. Add the ice into the glass then pour in the rum, cordial and tonic water and stir. Add whatever fancy drink decoration you have at hand- colourful straws, slices of lemon or the famous cocktail umbrella! Now all that's left to do is ENJOY!!!

*I am a responsible(?!) adult over the age of 18 and I do not promote or encourage underage drinking. If you are under the legal drinking age in your country, I assure you that it tastes delightfully delicious even without the alcohol! 

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