Thursday, 23 January 2014

Summer Shoes


      Summer is definitely my favourite part of the year. Despite the horrific heat waves, the frizzy hair and the swollen toes, summer always brings a smile to my face. The best thing about the sunny season is summer fashion- the various prints, the bright colours and the fact that I don't have to lug around my coat everywhere I go.
      Summer also inspires my inner DIY goddess and the other day, whilst surfing the internet, I stumbled across this adorable tutorial for bumble bee print shoes. Although they took a bit of time, they were cheap as chips and all you really need is a bit of patience and a steady hand.
 To make these cute shoes all you need is:

* Any cheap pair of sneakers or espadrills
* The cheapest yellow nail polish you can find
* A black permanent marker
* A pencil with an eraser at the end

         All you need to do is dip the end of the pencil in the nail polish and dot it all over the shoes. I ended up doing two coats so that the yellow stood out against the denim print of the shoes. Then, with the marker, I drew on the eyes, stripes, wings and stinger for each bee- this was the most tedious part! And voila, you are left with a pair of adorable sneakers that add a bit of character to any summer outfit!

p.s. I apologise for the billion pictures, a few too many were taken!

Till next time....

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