Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The New Zealand Chronicles//Part One

Yes, that is a bear beanie!
              I can't remember the last time I went on a proper holiday and recently my family and I decided to visit New Zealand. We have only been once before and there is so much to do in this beautiful country that we decided to go again.
              The first stop on our trip was Auckland, a city in the North island of New Zealand. The first two days were spent lounging around and on the third day, we ventured to the city centre. After browsing through a few shops, we had lunch at Elliott Stables. Located on Elliott Street, Elliott Stables consists of a bunch of restaurants with a central courtyard where you can sit and eat. It is a definite must see, especially if you are a Harry Potter nerd as it has a very Diagon Alley feel to it! Later in the evening we headed to a night market. The highlight of the night market was sorting through mounds of rings for the perfect one- the seller literally had over a thousand rings!

My chosen few.

               The next day we departed for Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world. Honestly, neither words nor the enmillion pictures I took during the trip can accurately represent the beauty of this amazing town- everyone should add this destination to their bucket list! The first few days in Queentown were spent driving in and around Queenstown, walking around the lake and taking as many pictures as possible!
The view from our balcony.

A copper house in the mountains?!

The Travelling Converse.

Artwork in a cafe we visited.

        There's still more to come, so stay tuned for part two! 

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