Wednesday, 30 July 2014

New York//Part 2

      My last two days in New York were spent visiting museums (I kid, I only visited two), shopping and just walking around. I think my favourite part about travelling is when I just walk aimlessly around the city and stop at places that catch my eye. In addition, there is nothing more satisfying than managing to find your way back home when you have no idea where you are (as long as you are not tired and/or hangry). 
      One of my favourite 'walks' was definitely walking back to where I was staying from 5th Avenue. I got to walk through Central Park as the sun was setting and it was spectacular-these photos do not capture the beauty of the city!
         Of the two museums I visited, the Museum of Natural History was definitely my favourite. I loved walking through the dinosaur exhibits and seeing the giant blue whale in the basement. 
        The previous photo is another Gossip Girl reference-sitting on the steps of the Met. All that was missing was my posse and then I would have truly felt like Queen B!
           New York City, I saw so much of you, yet I still haven't seen enough. Like I say and will always say with every city/country/continent I visit, I cannot wait to go back. New York City has so many different faces and I cannot wait to uncover the ones I haven't seen yet!
Till next time New York, New York!

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