Friday, 1 August 2014

Montreal Photo Diary//Part 1

WARNING: Picture heavy post.
   From New York, I headed up to Montreal to visit the best friend (pictured above). Instead of documenting this trip in words, I shall use pictures, because a picture is worth a thousand words. However, sometimes words will be used to clarify what exactly you are looking at, because sometimes a little clarity is nice.
         Yes, to clarify, that is a dog in a gardening store. Montreal has a thing for allowing the owner's dog to be in the shop!
         No, I do not own a turntable. Yes, I did buy ten records. But the owner was very friendly, and the records were only $4 each so it would have been foolish to not buy them.
         So that is Montreal through my eyes(or rather camera lens). Stay tuned for more-I spent a good seven days there! The parts of Montreal that I visited reminded me of Melbourne (but the coffee was terrible). It was definitely weird to travel 24 hours to the other side of the Earth to visit a city that is so similar to the one I live in-except where everyone mostly speaks in French.
Till next time!

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