Saturday, 17 January 2015

Best of the Bakes.

    Baking can be pretty hit or miss. Sometimes it works on the first try, other times you need to do it a few times until you get the hang of it. A couple of the times, the recipe isn't just right and you end up having to throw out a whole cake( I have done this on numerous occasions).
    Over the past year, I have accumulated a number of recipes I know I can make and will turn out alright(and by alright, I mean the only thing getting thrown out is the baking paper used to line the tray). Here is a compilation of a few baking recipes I find myself turning to when I need to make dessert(or something to have with my afternoon cup of tea).

Nigella's Red Velvet Cake:  Although the original recipe is for cupcakes, it works just as fine as a cake. My only recommendation is that you don't leave the cake in the fridge before you serve it( it makes it dry and unpleasant). Also DO NOT put your icing in the fridge before putting it on the cake- on one occasion I spent 20 minutes trying to soften my icing to put on the cake. I tend to whiz up the icing an hour before I have to serve and just put it on the cake.

Anna's Lemon Drizzle Cake: I LOVE this cake. It's simple and light and perfect with a cup of tea!

Tanya's Cookies: I never knew I could make such good cookies at home-so good, super chocolatey and hands down amazing. Just make sure you cook them for 10-12 minutes and give them half an hour to cool down-it's what makes them so chewy.

Best Friend Cake: I have a whole post dedicated to it here. 

Nigella's Banana Bread: For when you have too many over ripe bananas. I'm not a fan of raisins so I usually don't include them.

Masterchef Brownies: An easy peasy, foolproof brownie recipe!

What do you love to bake? Any recipe recommendations?
Till next time...

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