Friday, 16 January 2015

Summer Bucket List.

     Yes, I know that it's already been a good month or two since summer began, but with the recent 40 degree weather and numerous beach days, summer has officially begun now in my head. Every year I try to enjoy the summer as much as possible as I hate the cold weather and this year is no different. Summer also means that I have roughly 4 months of free time to do as a please, and this year i'm making a real effort not to spend it in bed watching Gilmore Girls or Gossip Girl.
 Here is a list of things i'd like to do( yes, actually get out of bed and DO) this summer(well, what's left of it):

*Go to the beach more often
*See more of Mornington
*Buy bathers (I really need a new pair, any suggestions would be welcome!)
*Perfect my ice tea recipe (my current one is awful)
*Save more money
*Learn how to play the F chord on the guitar (the F chord is my achilles heel when it comes to my guitar playing abilities)
*Exercise more(more like start exercising)
*Do more art/DIYs
*Buy less junk
*Learn Photoshop
*Read more

  There you have it, my list of things i'd like to do during the next few months. What are your favourite summer activities? 
Till next time...

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