Friday, 21 February 2014

The New Zealand Chronicles//Part Two

              After spending a few too many days lounging around, we put our adventure hats on and headed to Milford Sound. Milford Sound, a fjord in the South Island of New Zealand, is a five hour (well, we took five hours with all the stopping!) drive from Queenstown. The drive is spectacular as you drive through the mountains, and we ended up stopping far too many times to take pictures!

Early morning fog.
               Upon arriving at Milford Sound, we stepped onto a boat- well a cruise boat-which took us around the fjord. Now i'm not a big fan of boat rides, however the calm sea (thank you, weather Gods) coupled with the spectacular views made it a VERY enjoyable and memorable experience. My favourite part was definitely when we were at the point where the fjord met the Tasman Sea. It was so surreal because, one moment we were surrounded by mountains and then the next there was a vast expanse of sea in front of us. Apparently, it is almost impossible to see the Sound from the Tasman Sea- Captain Cook and many other vessels have missed the Sound while travelling around the coast. The other highlights were seeing the seals and the numerous waterfalls. Despite being an exhausting journey, it was definitely worth it because the views were amazing! There are also lots of nice places to stop at on the way to and back from Milford Sound, such as the Mirror Lake.

Hello, Tasman Sea!

Mirror Lake

                          The next day we drove to Arrowtown, a quaint gold-rush village 15 minutes away from Queenstown. The main part of the village is Buckingham Street which is filled with heritage buildings that house restaurants, bars and shops.  Interesting fact- there is also a Chinese settlement in Arrowtown which was set up by the Chinese gold miners who had been invited by the Otago Provincial Government to mine gold in the 1860s!

          In the afternoon we went for ANOTHER walk around the lake- it's amazing the amount of exercise you put up with when you are on holiday!  I loved that this trip was so casual that we could take as many walks as we wanted, and stop wherever we wanted to take a picture as we weren't on any schedule as such- definitely the best type of holiday!

Just keep swinging!

Till next time.....

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