Friday, 28 February 2014

The New Zealand Chronicles//Part Three


             Our last day in Queenstown was definitely my favourite because it was the most memorable part of the trip. One of my goals for this trip was to either go bungy jumping or paragliding. Since touching down in Queenstown, I knew that I would be revisiting New Zealand in the near future so I decided to leave bungy jumping till next time and went paragliding instead. Paragliding was definitely one of the greatest experiences i've had in my life so far. It was so comfortable and I felt safer paragliding than I do in a plane-and I love plane rides! According to my instructor, we went the highest he had been in two days- I honestly didn't expect to go that high up. Paragliding is definitely  the best way to enjoy the view as well as get your adrenaline kick!

          Instead of taking a flight back to Auckland, we decided to drive up to Christchurch and fly from there. On the way to Christchurch, we spent one night at Lake Tekapo. Lake Tekapo is a lake(duh!) in the South Island of New Zealand, a short two to three hour drive from Queenstown. Once again, we spent the day driving/walking around the lake. It is such a beautiful place- much like all of New Zealand! Although there isn't a lot to do there, the scenery was spectacular and made up for the lack of activities.

          Some of my favourite memories from school involve stargazing with my friends on camp and ever since then i've always loved the stars! Lake Tekapo is located in the Mackenzie Region which is renowned for the clarity of its sky and low light pollution and was declared a gold level International dark sky reserve in 2012- which in simple words means that its a pretty great place to check out the stars! Unfortunately, the one night we spent there was cloudy so we didn't get to see any stars but we did see a pretty spectacular sunset! Although I didn't get to see any stars, there were a few alpacas in front of our room which definitely made my day!

            The next day we drove up to Christchurch, which while being the the largest city in the South Island was probably the most quietest city i've been to. Due to the recent earthquakes, Christchurch is  still being rebuilt but it was amazing to see how the people were working around their short comings. For example, there is the Re:START Mall, which is a bunch of stores in containers- a very cool concept if I may say so!

RE:Start Mall

              The next day, we headed back to Auckland for the last few days of our holiday! We spent the days hanging out with our family friends and relaxing as much as possible. My favourite moment from those last few days was definitely heading into the city with friends and hanging out by the harbour.

         I honestly cannot wait to go back to New Zealand. It was such an amazing trip and it was definitely sad moment heading back to reality in Australia! 
Till next time New Zealand!!!


  1. These pictures are absolutely stunning! Looks like it was a great trip!