Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Black Canvas.

     I've avoided wearing dresses like the plague until I was nineteen-pictures of me in a dress are a rarity in the family albums. However, when I was nineteen, a friend of mine (re)introduced me to the wonders of dress wearing-thank you friend! Dresses are so versatile and just by changing your shoes and a few accessories, you can completely change the look and feel of a dress-this comes in so handy when you have a limited budget and can only invest in a few pieces.
      The other day, I stubbled across this beautiful black dress at Target- I almost never find things that I like and are in my size at Target, so this dress and I were clearly meant to be! It's pretty, it's black, it fits perfectly and it was only twenty dollars-SCORE! Despite having only had this dress for a few weeks now, i've already worn it quite a few times- to university, to a meeting and to one (or two) parties! I've defintely already gotten my moneys worth out of it!

Shoes-Rubi  Necklace-Lovisa

           I love how by adding this simple necklace, I can inject a bit of colour into this all black outfit. I love colour, but sometimes struggle with incorporating it into my winter wardrobe and necklaces like this one are perfect for that.

Blazer-Temt  Necklace-Lovisa  Watch-Thrifted  Shoes-Hush Puppies

         When I need to look formal or i'm just feeling fancy, I love wearing my navy blazer. The rolled up contrast colour cuffs make it less 'office-y' but the necklace and black booties help maintain the aura of formalness that i'm trying to achieve. 

Jacket-Target  Necklace-Gifted  Shoes-Gifted

       Even when i'm going out, I like being comfortable. Although these sandals are heeled, they were made for walking- I could definitely walk a mile in these! The denim jacket keeps it casual and as an added bonus keeps me warm when it gets chilly at night.

Jumper-Urban Outfitters  Shoes-Asos

    This is the sort of thing I like to wear to University. It's comfortable, it's casual and there are no trackies or tights in sight! My goal for university dressing is to look good but not compromise on my ability to sprint to my next class which is all the way on the other side of campus! This outfit allows for that, plus, once the weather gets cooler, I can just add a pair of tights and a coat and i'm good to go.

    This dress is like a 'black canvas' because it possesses so much potential-there is so much you could do with it. In the words of Karl Lagerfeld, 'One is never over or under dressed with a little black dress'.

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