Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Post-concert Blues.

                Last Saturday night I got to see my favourite band, Kodaline, play at the Prince bandroom in Melbourne. OMG, they were amazing! With that fan-girling moment over with, I give you the pictures from that night. Sadly, I was too lazy to lug around my (relatively) heavy camera, so I took them on my phone and the quality isn't that great!

             It's really weird seeing people you listen to and watch on Youtube, pretty much everyday, in the flesh*- surely i'm not the only one who thinks this! I've loved their music since last year and it was great to see them live-they didn't disappoint! Currently, i'm suffering from a serious case of post-concert blues and i've been listening to this on repeat.

Till next time...

* Weird side note- they were so much taller than I expected them to be!!

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