Monday, 21 April 2014

The Lost and Found Market.

I once was lost but now am found- Amazing Grace

              The Lost and Found Market is a treasure trove of 70s style dinner sets, hawaiian shirts, old, musty books and other random bits and bobs. Although I did get lost trying to find it, once I did, it was well worth the hike!  Once I walked in I honestly felt like I was in a museum of vintage junk, or a hoarder's closet!
              I really believe that 'Old is Gold', because things made in the 70s and 80s and 90s, were built to last-this is what i've found from personal experience. This market proves that, I doubt some of my favourite cups and saucers will look that great in another 40 years! I can't wait to have my own to place so that I can furnish it with all these cute, quirky and durable pieces.
             My favourite find was this hippopotamus toothbrush holder-so strange yet so cute! Sadly I couldn't find the seller but hopefully it's still there when I go next time-fingers (and toes) crossed!!

                  I also found this very cute apron with a baked goods pattern on it. All these pieces have stories behind them and they are waiting for you to create a new one. I can just imagine a chic mother, pottering around the kitchen, baking her family fabulous cakes! I could be wrong, but it's your own story to create:)

                I also found these Japanese sandals and Swedish clogs hidden amongst a bunch of other things. All these pieces are just so random and haphazardly placed, it's like a treasure hunt, only you don't know what the treasure is until you actually find it!

                    I love exploring markets because you can always find something so unique but which accurately represents you. I know this sounds extremely airy-fairy but it's true. Second hand treasures are worth more than store bought pieces in my books!

Till next time....

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