Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Montreal Photo Diary//Part 3

       Here are a selection of photos I took during my last few days in Montreal. As you'll see, I discovered my love for black and white photos- I apologise for the overdose of them! Montreal really surprised me, it was different to what I expected it to be like. You have Old Montreal with it's quaint corners and old timey charm, and then you have Piknic Electronik and the saturday night fireworks which are ultra-modern and futuristic.
This photo of the Biosphere Museum (I named it 'the egg') is probably one of my favourite photos I took on this trip.
        I went to Montreal to reconnect with an old friend and discover a new city. I loved the little I saw of Montreal and cannot wait to visit the rest of Canada! I hope you enjoyed the Montreal Photo Diary series.
Till next time...

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