Friday, 14 November 2014

Summer reading.

       One week before exams started, I decided to treat myself to a couple of books. According to the 'estimated' shipping time, they were going to arrive the day after my exams finished, so justifying my purchase as an end of exams treat, I bought them. Only thing is, they arrived just after I finished my first exam-first (and hopefully only time) I was actually disappointed that my order came so quickly!  I cannot wait for exams to be done so that I can start reading them(okay I lied, I already started reading #GIRLBOSS).

#GIRLBOSS// Sophia Amoruso: After reading everyone on the internet rave about the book, I decided to get this and so far I am not disappointed. Definitely one to read when you are feeling like you need some motivation-it motivated me to study more for my last exam!

Not That Kind Of Girl//Lena Dunham: Essie Button loves Lena Dunham and her book. I love Essie Button. It had to be read.

It//Alexa Chung: Again, saw it crop up on Instagram and on various blogs so I felt it must be read. PLUS, Alexa Chung has some serious style and that's reflected in her book.

Style Stalking// Christene Barberich & Piera Gelardi: I love Refinery29. Enough said.

Yes Please//Amy Poehler. It's written by Amy Poelher. Enough said.

       As you can see my justification for reading most of these books was either someone else read it or the author is awesome. I honestly can't wait to write the last word of my last exam so that I can be free for a couple of months to do whatever I want. Freedom is a dish best served in summer (I apologise for the tacky line).  Do you have any book recommendations, because as a self-confessed bookworm, it'll only take my two weeks to finish reading these.
Till next time...

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