Friday, 19 December 2014

Jamz in the city.

       One thing I love about Melbourne is the number of talented buskers you see and hear in the city. On warm summer days, parts of the city are transformed into one large concert with a variety of sounds. Jamz is a tap and music improvisation group. What they do is unique and interesting. Go check them out on their Facebook page here.
      I've never really taken photos of people- I know that sounds weird but most of the time i'm taking pictures of the scenery or cities. It was a fun and slightly difficult experience to take pictures of people, especially considering that they were tap dancing or playing an instrument. It was hard to translate the beauty of their movements into a still frame. However, i'm happy with what I got!
  Do you have a favourite busker/street performer? Any tips for taking photos of people dancing?
Till next time...

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