Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Recent loves.

Tv+Movies: Although I have a weekly schedule of tv shows I watch which include New Girl, The Mindy Project and Modern Family, I recently stepped out of my comfort zone and started watching some new ones. How to get away with murder was AMAZING and I cannot believe I hadn't started watching it earlier. Another great show i've been late on the bandwagon to is Brooklyn nine-nine, it's not something i'd usually watch, but its definitely a nice change! My current obsession is the Serial podcast(I listened to 7 episodes in one day). WHY HAVE I NOT DISCOVERED THIS BEFORE?! I heard so much about it, but I never actively searched it out and the other night I randomly found the link and have been obsessed ever since! The Hunger Games movies, I could watch those again and again and never get bored (my obsession for it might stem for my love for Peeta though).

Blogs: I've stumbled across three blogs recently that i've been loving. The concept of minimalism is something I find both intriguing and daunting. Although its something i'd love to try when it comes to my wardrobe, it's terrifying to think that i'd have to limit my clothing choices to 10 or so items. Into Mind is a great blog that regularly talks about minimalism and how to get into it. I've enjoyed reading  more about minimalism and how to incorporate it into your life.
From Roses is another blog I've been enjoying. Rebecca takes wonderful photos and I really enjoy her writing. Rebecca is also the editor for A Little Opulent-another great read. Lastly, i've really been loving JennyPurr. Her blog has a lot of posts on starting and maintaining a successful blog as well as inspirational posts. I really enjoyed her post on graduating-something that I found personally helpful.

Fashion: My relationship with ASOS has always been strong-the postman once delivered my neighbours ASOS package to my house. When I was in Montreal, I fell in love with an asymmetrical leather skirt, but alas I couldn't justify the price. I found a great one  on ASOS recently, and it was on sale and in my size! I absolutely love the way it fits and looks on me.
Uniqlo, it's been in Melbourne for a while, but the past few times I've gone in I never found anything that caught my eye. Last week I went with my mum and I went a bit crazy-how have I never seen their linen shirt selection earlier? It's a great place for basics and lounge wear.

What have you been loving recently?

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