Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Top 14 of 2014.

New Years Eve is a time to reminisce about the year gone by and think about what you hope to achieve in the coming year. I've been very lucky this year and had the opportunity to do lots of new things and have fun. This is a list of my top 14 moments/events of 2014.

1) Singing in front of people: Although I wasn't singing a proper ballard, my brother and I sung a little song for my mum's 50th birthday. The last time I sang in front of people was when I was 12 and still had a nice voice! 
2) Going to New Zealand: After a very shitty end to 2013, it was nice to travel with my family around New Zealand. It's such a beautiful country and I cannot wait to go back again during winter. That trip was also when I discovered that I really enjoy taking photos. ALSO, I went paragliding! I may not be scared of heights but it's still slightly scary when you have to make the conscious decision to run off a cliff! I've written about my New Zealand adventures here, here and here.
3)Turning 21: I turned 21 this year-woohoo. Although I may still look like i'm 16, I really enjoyed my birthday this year. 
4) Seeing my best friend after two years: My best friend lives in Canada, I live in Australia and on a whim I finally decided to go visit her. We'd been planning to visit each other for a while, but it finally happened and it was SO nice to spend a week with her.
5) Travelling by myself: For my 21st, I travelled to Canada to visit my best friend. This was the first time I had travelled by myself and I think i've caught the travel bug. I REALLY enjoyed exploring new cities on my own and although I wasn't completely alone on the trip, the parts spent alone have given me the confidence that I could fend for myself in a new country. Photos of my Canadian adventures can be found here, here and here.
6) Going to NEW YORK: Funnily enough, it worked out cheaper to travel to Canada via New York. So guess who got to spend a couple of days in beautiful New York! I've always wanted to go, and i'm so glad that I got to go. I may not have hit up all the tourist spots but that gives me a good excuse to go again! A recap of my New York adventure can be found here and here.
7) Discovering my love for tea: Honestly, i've always HATED tea until this year. Now, i'm obsessed. My favourite tea is Wagh Bakri Masala Chai-it's SO good if you like strong and slightly spicy tea.
8)Seeing my music idol-JOHN MAYER: I love John Mayer and I finally got to see him live. It was a truly magical experience and I still can't fully believe that it happened. 
9)Going for my first concert: Yes, up until this year I had never gone to proper concert. So my first concert ever was to see Kodaline. It was an intimate gig and I stood in front of the bass player, Jason Boland (who is a very beautiful man).
10)Seeing Foster the People: Foster the People were my favourite band in Year 11 and 12. I got to see them at the Palais Theatre, which is one of the most beautiful venues for a concert. It's so sad that they were thinking of shutting it down! All in all, it was a great concert-Mark Foster is an amazing performer. I must also add that I went to this concert ALONE and although at first it was really weird, once the music was playing I didn't care. My advice: don't ever not go to see someone live just because you don't have anyone to go with. It really doesn't matter, no one there will care that you are alone and once they start performing, you won't even realise that you are alone!
11)Learning to bake more: I've always loved baking, but i'd always make the same few cakes over and over again. This year I was more 'adventurous' with my baking and had quite a few successful discoveries. My only downfall was that quite a few times i'd write down a recipe on a scrap of paper and lose the scrap. RIP amazing peanut butter cookies that I can't find the recipe for.
12) Regaining my driving confidence: I failed my driving test. Twice. Not because i'm a bad driver but because I wasn't the most confident driver. This year I found myself driving by myself a lot and I now really enjoy driving by myself. 
13) Making new friends and strengthening the bond with those I had: This year I found myself making new friends and becoming closer to those I already had. It's all about opening up people! Because of this, i've been able to do more things and see more places.
14) My blog: Although I post very erratically and there isn't any real consistency with my content, I really do enjoy posting to my little spot on the internet. I started it last year after a lot of contemplation and i'm really glad I did. I like that I get to create something that is a reflection of me. Also, I get to document bits of my life and it's nice to see all the crazy things i've done throughout the year. I hope I get to continue to do this for as long as possible.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!
Till next time..

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